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  • Industrial - Commercial Egg Incubators for sale in LONDON
  • Commercial Egg Incubators for sale in LONDON
  • Industrial Egg Incubators for sale in LONDON
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What we have chosen for you
T1600 C - Combined Egg Incubator
T1600 S - Egg Incubator Setter
T2400 C - Combined Egg Incubator
T2400 S - Egg Incubator Setter
T3200 C - Combined Egg Incubators
T4800 H - Egg Incubator Hatcher
T640 H - Egg Incubator Hatcher
T960 H - Egg Incubator Hatcher
T1280 H - Egg Incubator Hatcher
T1600 H - Egg Incubator Hatcher
Egg Storage Cabinets
Egg Fumigation Cabinets
Egg Control and Progeny Control Table
Incubation Setters & Hatcher Carts
Quail Layer Cages  - 15 Section / 5 Tier
6 Reviews
Chick Brooder Cage Midi 40cm
Quail Cage for Egg - 3 Section / 1 Tier
1 Reviews
Partridge  Breeding  Stock Cages - 12 Section / 4 Tier
Water Reservoir 20 Lt.
Quail Supply in UK

Why should you choose CIMUKATM incubators?

Patented Technologies of Cimuka

38 Years of Experiences & Precision

With 38 years of experiences, we know that investments for poultry production gain value with the knowledge, experiences and the quality of production machinery. We have built the following technology for you:

  • DIGIFELTM for precise measurement with PID1 control,
  • HumusonicTM for stable humidity control,
  • AirrouteTM for optimum temperature and humidity distribution,
  • TurnXTM for non-vibrating incubator egg trays,
  • For a better and more precise ventilation with
    high measurements we have created HatcheCO²TM
  • 1 Today the PID concept is used universally in applications requiring
    accurate and optimised automatic control.

    Cimuka Technology for Commercial Incubator

    38 Years of Precision for a Simple Equation

    T Series Commercial Egg incubators

    Cimuka was established in 1981 with an approach in production of hobby and commercial aimed incubators in the poultry field. With 38 years of experiences, we know that investments for poultry production gain value with the knowledge, experiences and the quality of production machinery. Poultry productions have different activities including hatchery, breeding and processing.

    Cimuka is expert in all these parts of production and offers a wide range of products for incubation, breeding and processing of chicken, turkey, quail, pheasant, partridge, duck, goose and ostrich species. In addition, we create special solutions for hobbyists. Cimuka are producing a full range of incubators and hatchers having capacities from 30 to 10.080 chicken eggs in standard and special customized solutions for higher capacity projects. Depending on clients needs, Cimuka supports the incubation systems with hatchery equipments including modular climate systems, egg storage and fumigation cabinets, candling and transfer tables. All the machineries can be specialized for client’s one to one needs.

    Technology and Design

    Technology and Design

    Cimuka’s patented hatchery systems provide reliable and fully automatic operation. Modularity in all system parts gives easy operation and functional usage. We always select high quality materials in production and all parts are carefully tested. This ensures a long usage life without worries.

    Custom design PT Series setter and hatcher models have capaticies up to 40.000 chicken eggs. PT Series have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of primary breeders and commercial hatcheries with focusing easy to operate systems, uniform air flow at required temperature, humidity, CO2, labor and energy saving, easy clean-up, maximum hygiene and safety features.

    T Series Commercial Egg Incubators / Hatchers

    Cimuka T Series offers wide range of capacity between 640 - 10.080 egg capacity. Setters (S), Hatchers (H), Combined Types (C) and All set / All hatch (SH) model choices give chance to select ideal hatchery system for your production. A line of custom designed setter trays for all poultry types and games provide you multi-purpose usage. Fully assembled delivery and moduler design provides easy delivery, functional usage and fast service solutions.