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ConturnTM Egg Turning System

CONTURN EGG TURNING SYSTEM The ConturnTM PD and CT group is an egg turning system designed for our incubation models. Our patented system is available for different egg types with different accessory options.

ConturnTM motors provide high savings with energy consumption under 1W in. Models produced with ABS material have long life and solid structure. Silent and vibration-free working structure minimizes the mechanical stress on the egg.

Increases your efficiency with a full 45 degree turn performance. It provides a 90 degree rotation for 2 hours without the need for a timer. It is available in 60, 120 and 180 ovarian products besides 10 and 30 ovarian models.




ConturnTM System Accessory Options

Conturn30 Conturn30 with example of mixed Chicken and Quail Eggs
Conturn30 Conturn30 can also be used for Goose Eggs as example
Quail Egg Conturn Channel Apparatus Quail Egg Conturn Channel Apparatus
Goose Egg Conturn Channel Goose Egg Conturn Channel
Conturn30 Base Conturn30 Base
CONTURN30 Main Rotation Arm CONTURN30 Main Rotation Arm