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TURNXTM Translation System

TURNXTURNXTM is our translation system for Hb and commercial serial models. Turning mechanisms ranging from 4800 eggs have a very low energy consumption of just 12W.

Unlike other turning systems, it is produced entirely in modular structure. All components such as mechanical arms, chains, stop sweaters, and ventilation interceptors have been eliminated. The systems offered with the special motor drive adapter are maintenance-free and can be easily installed and removed in the field.

All TURNXTM conveyor assemblies are available with chromium-steel SS304 material quality. All linear motion motors are manufactured in IPX6 protection class and are not affected by dust and humidity.

TURNXTM rack design is a first in the world. It is produced with curved structure plastic mold technology. This reduces mechanical vibration and reduces mechanical stress. Our motor drives for TURNXTM systems help to reduce mechanical stress by providing soft start and finishing.