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AirrouteTM Air Circulation System

Airroute AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEMOur patented ventilation technology makes AirrouteTM a difference in the hatch. It provides optimal temperature and humidity distribution in the cabinet, ensuring you achieve the highest efficiency with the lowest energy.

We are one step ahead with AirrouteTM Plus as part of the EcoTECH environmental material and energy efficiency concept that we launched in all our products in 2011; higher protection, longer life and incredible energy savings. The AirrouteTM Plus ventilation systems, which we started to offer in the PD series model in 2015, have started to be introduced in the CT and HB series of incubators by 2016 as well. (01/2016 all over Europe, 03/2016 whole world)

AirrouteTM Plus Ventilation products are produced in IP55 (min) protection class for damp and dusty water of the incubator. By providing a standard air cycle at all voltages from 90 to 265V, it eliminates voltage drop induced air distribution problems